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Week 2 - Meet Quran!

Each week we will introduce you to one of the individuals in our Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway.

Up this week is Quran!

"At the Age of 13 Quran suffered spontaneous bilateral retinal detachments causing his to lose all his vision in his left eye and 50 percent of the vision in his right. He needed to have surgery to maintain his vision. We thought we were in the clear. But no, Quran suffered another retinal detachment in his remaining eye in 2018. He is now down to 30 percent vision. The doctors say he may eventually lose his remaining vision..."

Click here to read more of Quran's story.

Click here to donate to Quran and the 5 other individuals in our Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway!

*If you want your donation to go towards a specific individual's bike please put their name in the notes*

Stay tuned for who we will feature next week!

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