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Adaptive Bike Giveaway

We have been giving away adaptive bikes since 2009 through our Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway! In 2013 at our first Everybody Rides fundraiser we decided to continue the Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway throughout the entire year, creating Project Mobility's Adaptive Bike Giveaway! 
On Project Mobility's Facebook page in 2013 we asked families in need of an adaptive bike to tell their story. The child with the most “likes” would be the winner of the bike worth more than $4,000. We would then award the adaptive bike to the winner at our first annual Everybody Rides. 
In 2015's Adaptive Bike Giveaway eight children with disabilities participated; their pictures and stories were shared on Facebook and in less than 48 hours, the post with all the children’s stories reached more than 70,000 people in the United States and nine other countries! To show how much the Adaptive Bike Giveaway has grown in 2020 the children's stories reached more than 305,000 people!
Adaptive bikes provide life changing mobility, strength, self-esteem and the ultimate freedom for children, adults and veterans with disabilities. Cycling restores the possibilities to those whom are often told by society that their life is about limitations.

If you would like to be part of Project Mobility's Adaptive Bike Giveaway please click "WAITLIST" below. This is the first step in the Adaptive Bike Giveaway process. The Event Director will be in contact with the next step once you have been added to the waitlist.
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"Thank you for reaching out and extending the assistance to grant my son, Ryan, a new adaptive bicycle.  Due to his disabilities, he has never been able to enjoy the pure joy of wind blowing in his face as he rides through a park.  This bicycle will allow him to do that.  Ryan's stamina was never that great due to the lack of exercise.  This bicycle will help him improve that as well, which we hope will feed into his emotional growth as well.  We know that he will greatly benefit from this and our family will be able ride together.  

I really don't believe you can quantify the happiness that each child feels when they actually have their own bike -- something they probably never thought was possible."

Steve & Connie Chang 

Ryan's Parents (ABG Recipient Everybody Golfs 2018)

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