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Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway

Project Mobility’s Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway is an extension of the Adaptive Bike Giveaway. It began in 2009 with a 10 year old girl named Riley. Her mom was looking to buy her husband a bicycle at The Bike Rack and came across the Hallmark Heroes video. She didn’t know that Riley was behind her watching the video too. She turned around and saw Riley with tears in her eyes and she said “Mom I’m going to get a bike like that for a child this Christmas”. Her mom explained these bikes are very expensive and asked her how she was going to do that. Riley decided to write a letter and send it to the family’s Christmas card list. Riley explained, “I wrote a letter to everybody I knew and tons of people sent in checks, so I got three bikes! I helped three kid’s Christmas wishes come true!”

Once CBS News found out about Riley’s mission they aired a story and shortly after donations started coming in from across the country! Ever since 2009, Project Mobility with the help of Riley head out on Christmas Eve and surprise children with their very own adaptive bikes! It is such a surprise the parents don’t even know about it!

Each year we take the work that Riley started to surprise more children! 

Riley in front of Bike Rack.jpg

Meet Riley

At the age of 10 Riley raised over $12,000 in 2009 for one special little girl names Rosie. Little did Riley know that she started what has now become Project Mobility's Annual Adaptive Bike Giveaway. We have given almost 100 adaptive bikes away to date!

Riley's Letter

This is the letter Riley wrote to her friends and family.

Riley's Project Mobility Letter.tif

Previous Recipients of The Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway

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