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Meet Logan!

Age: 7 Years Old

Diagnoses: 2016 - Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma

Stage 2 Brain Cancer

2018 - Relapse Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma w/Gliomas

Stage 2 Brain Cancer

Logan first started having seizures around 7-8 months old, we then took him to the pediatrician who recommended to see a neurologist. Fast forward 18 months and the seizures got worse, so the neurologist ordered an MRI. We tried 5 times to get it done but Logan wasn’t having it. Just after his 2nd birthday he went into a seizure that lasted approximately 4 hours and was rushed from St. Joes in Joliet to Advocate in Oak Lawn. There they took him in for a MRI under anesthesia and they found the tumor.


A week later and after no more seizure activity he was taken in for surgery. He had some issues and ended up in the hospital for 5 weeks. He got to come home for 4 days then went back in for port placement on a Tuesday then started his first chemo that Friday. He went through weekly treatments for 18 months before he went in chemo vacation. During that time his seizure got worse, and he started having anywhere from 11 plus daily. Headaches started getting to the point he’d curl up in a fetal position and beg you to cut his head off to make them stop.


In October 2018 they found out he ended up with hydrocephalus and relapsed. Logan ended up having several complications and they had to redo his surgery schedule a few times, along with a few lifesaving surgeries to get him back to his fun loving self. He went through several different types of chemotherapy that didn’t work for him. His tumor grew and cut off the blood supply to his right eye which he can no longer see with. He also had several complications that had him in and out of the hospital and unable to eat or drink due to horrible nausea. The tumor has since shifted a few times causing new types of seizures, a stroke, TIAs (Transient Ischemic Attack) along with a cluster of seizures in May 2021 which resulted in him being put on a vent and airlifted to Advocate Oak Lawn. He’s done better since then and is trying every day to live his fullest life. 

Logan Needs Your Support Today!

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