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Addison has her adaptive bike!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Addison has her adaptive bike!

This past weekend Addison picked up her pink Freedom Concepts! We are so excited for her and as you can see she is so happy!

You may remember her from our Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway 2020/2021. It took a bit of time to get her bike but all that matters is she has it now!

As a reminder no matter how long a campaign takes we will continue raising what is needed in order to get each and every person in our Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway their bike. This campaign took a little longer to complete and with the delays in the industry due to COVID Addison couldn't wait to finally ride her bike!

The last two children in the campaign (Evi and Anna) are coming in this weekend to pick up their bikes. We will post their photos soon!


As a reminder we are currently raising money for this year's Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway 2021/2022. Gabriel, Avery, Laith, Jacob, Logan and Bryce can't wait to have their very own adaptive bikes!

If you are able to help these 6 children just like Addison please click below to view our campaign and donate and/or share!

View all the children’s stories -

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