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Damaris has her adaptive bike!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Damaris has her adaptive bike!

A few weeks ago Damaris was able to pick up her bike. You may remember her from our Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway 2020/2021. It took a bit of time to get her bike but all that matters is she has it now! Perfect timing for the great weather we had Saturday.

As a reminder no matter how long a campaign takes we will continue raising what is needed in order to get each and every person in our Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway their bike. This campaign took a little longer to complete and with the delays in the industry due to COVID Damaris was very excited to finally have her bike!

The last 3 bikes for Addison, Evi and Anna are in and we will be posting their updates shortly!


As a reminder we are currently raising money for this year's Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway 2021/2022. Gabriel, Avery, Laith, Jacob, Logan and Bryce can't wait to have their very own adaptive bikes!

If you are able to help these 6 children just like Damaris please click below to view our campaign and donate and/or share!

View all the children’s stories -

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