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Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway

The inspiration behind this year’s Holiday Adaptive Bike Giveaway is a little boy named Riley. In 2016 Riley was a recipient of Project Mobility's Adaptive Bike Giveaway at our Annual Golf Outing, Everybody Golfs. His mom told us that the time he had with his adaptive bike was the best time of his life. 


Unfortunately, in 2018 Riley lost his battle with brain cancer at only 8 years old. He was the first child we had given the freedom of mobility to with cancer and his bravery will live on forever. Riley is now helping these 6 children with their mobility dreams.


For those that follow Project Mobility you may be wondering why we are helping children with cancer. You might not think they need an adaptive bike, but the treatments for pediatric cancers include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and sometimes a combination of many. These treatments can result in a loss of function including balance, cognition, endurance, mobility, vision, and so much more. Some children even have strokes and secondary cancers. Because of these issues they may no longer be able to ride that two wheeled bike they may already have at home. Some of these children go from walking one day to only being able to get around in the wheelchair the next. Cancer steals their mobility and we want to get it back for them but we need your help!


These young children have had so many aspects of their life taken away. Every child deserves to ride a bike with their family and friends. They deserve to have this part of their pre-cancer life back and with your help we can make this happen.

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