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Meet Quran!

Thank you for considering Quran Soto. Quran is an avid Bears fan and Carnival daredevil. He got this from his father who was a “Carni” for most of his adult life. Quran was born with Cerebral Palsy and multiple congenital anomalies of his hands and feet. He needs to wear leg braces that extend up to his knees, because of the braces and bone deformities he has no flexion at the ankle. He needs to pedal with his hands.  Because of this and the Cerebral Palsy he had never ridden a bike on his own until he met the folks at Project Mobility.


At the Age of 13 Quran suffered spontaneous bilateral retinal detachments causing his to lose all his vision in his left eye and 50 percent of the vision in his right. He needed to have surgery to maintain his vision. We thought we were in the clear. But no, Quran suffered another retinal detachment in his remaining eye in 2018. He is now down to 30 percent vision. The doctors say he may eventually lose his remaining vision. 


As his mother, I want for Quran to experience as much of life as he can while he still has the ability to be independent.  I want for him to feel the breeze as he pedals down the lakeshore just as I did growing up. Also, as his Mom I think he is a great kid. But the true test of knowing this is when other people come up to me and say “Wow! What a great kid you have.” And he truly is. Quran is kind and respectful loving and compassionate. A very worthy individual and I am so blessed that he is mine.”

Quran Need Your Support Today!

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