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Most Successful Everybody Rides to Date!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

8th Everybody Rides #VirtualEdition Presented by ALDI

August 23rd - August 30th 2020

Virtual Event


We know 2020 has been a rough year to say the least but we are excited that there is at least one positive thing to happen and that is these 7 amazing children will soon be able to experience the joy of riding a bike!

The 7 children that entered the Adaptive Bike Giveaway Facebook Contest are:

1) Dylan

2) Enzo

3) Dayna

4) Aleck

5) Reid

6) Natalya

7) Christopher

This year’s contest had even more engagement than 2019’s!

  • Over 305,000 people saw the post (50,000 more people than last year)

  • Over 1,300 people shared it

  • Almost 11,000 combined “likes” all the kid’s stories

Every year Freedom Concepts generously donates an adaptive bike to our   Facebook Contest. They are one of our longtime supporters that we can count on year after year! Thank you Ken and the Crew at Freedom Concepts this contest would not be possible without all of you!

We are excited to announce that the 1st place winner was Dylan!! He won the Adaptive Bike Giveaway with 3,818 likes and was supposed to receive the donated Freedom Concepts bike but then a donor came forward and purchased his bike. 

  • 2nd place was Enzo and normally the next child with the most likes would be the recipient but then another donor purchased his bike...

  • 3rd place was Dana but our Presenting Sponsor ALDI purchased her bike...

  • 4th place was Aleck and in just a few days almost 60 friends and family came together and raised enough money for his bike...

  • 5th place was Reid but his community worked together to raise half the money and the additional donations we received covered the rest of his bike...

  • 6th place was Natalya but somebody called yesterday and purchased her bike...

  • 7th place was Christopher and we are excited to announce that he will be the recipient of the donated Freedom Concepts bike!! 

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN 8 YEARS THAT ALL THE CHILDREN IN THE CONTEST ARE RECEIVING THEIR OWN BIKES ON THE DAY OF EVERYBODY RIDES! We have never had so many donors step forward to purchase a bike for a child! We are speechless at the generosity of people especially during these tough times.

This is something that normally takes us 6 - 10 months and we accomplished this all before the event has concluded! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!

We also want to thank WGN News for featuring project mobility and our giveaway to help bring in more donations and make this possible. Click here to view the special.


This is our first time doing a virtual event and we were a little nervous since this is so new to all of us. But we are excited to say it has been VERY successful. In fact it is the most successful ride we have ever put together! We couldn’t have done this without all our riders. We are so excited that you joined us for our first virtual event! We are hoping we can get back to our normal in person event next year but for the time being this was a fun and successful plan B. 

We loved launching a new aspect to Everybody Rides this year, this was known as THE CHALLENGE. We had two teams participate by riding at least 500 miles in one week split between 5 people. The team the rides the most will be the CHALLENGE winner! 

They received their very own custom team t-shirts. We also have a CHALLENGE pot where half is donated to Project Mobility and the other half goes to the CHALLENGE winner!

Now is time to announce the winner of the CHALLENGE……Drum roll please...BodyTech Biker Gang 1 who rode 827.98 miles! Kelly Lieser rode the most of anyone in the ride with 224.6 miles in just 1 week!! Great job!

Thank you for participating and those that chose to fundraise!I wanted to announce the top fundraiser is Barbara Jermyn who raised $500! You will receive a $50 Bike Rack gift card.


We also could not do this without our GENEROUS SUPPORTERS!

First, I want to talk about our Presenting Sponsor, ALDI. They are an amazing business who truly loves the community they are in. They really care about making the world a better place and they stand behind our mission. They are part of the reason we are able to give the freedom of mobility to those with disabilities. For the 3rd year in a row ALDI is the Presenting Sponsor of Everybody Rides and we are so Grateful!! Thanks ALDI and Tom Richey! 

We also want to thank our additional sponsor who supported us for many years! 

- Freedom Concepts

- Grant and Power Landscaping

- The Bike Rack

- The Hairy Ant

- Rental Max

- D and G Brewing

- Trek

- Creative Mobility

- Cornerstone Partners

 - Endeavor Technologies

- Flip Design Studios

- Culligan Geneva

We had a total of 7 teams this year! Our largest team is Fox Valley Bike and Ski Club with 27 team members. We are honored to have all your support!

Again, thank you so much for everyone coming together during unprecedented times and changing the lives of 7 amazing children!

Also, make sure to join us October 3 rd to October 11 th for our 4 th annual Hops for Hope 5K Beer Run which will also be virtual! Visit for more info!

Check out this amazing video that George from Elmhurst Bike Club put together.

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