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Meet Avery!

Age: 5 Years Old

Diagnoses: Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer

Hello, I'm reaching out on behalf of Avery my very amazing daughter.


Avery is a 5 year old amazing little girl. She's been fighting cancer since December 24th 2019. It has been a long time but we will find out soon at her next scan what is next, we are praying it is clear. She has suffered a lot of devastating side effects that as of now we don't know if they can be reversed. She has an ostomy bag and a Gtube. 


She lost her ability to walk last September just after learning to ride a bike for the first time. Avery’s lymph nodes tore open into her stomach from a chyle leak which is something no one has heard of in children. Avery spent her birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas hospitalized last year. Finally, she came home December 21, 2020. We thought we could began healing but she was then hospitalized again only 2 weeks after being home. She would be here for a couple of months. Finally, in April she was sent off to Rehab to learn many things again. Walking, stairs, bending all were so hard for her.. She hated therapy. Of everything she endured that was the worst of it. The only time Avery would work with some PTs is if they would bring the bike out, then she would walk to it. Every day she requested the bike but somedays it wasn't available and she would ask me to ask them over and over for it.


Finally, she was released August 6, 2021. She's been inpatient almost all year and separated from her baby brother who she adores. She is still in intestinal failure and all of her organs are fused together and she's on a 20 hour Gtube feed. Avery has not been able to ride another bike since she left rehab. We would love a bike for Avery if you think there's one just right for her. I had no idea these existed outside of the hospital. We were ok financially last year, and we still had savings and her father worked while she was enduring chemotherapy. But this entire year she was hospitalized. Half of the year her father was only able to work 2 days a week as a mover. This caused us to lose our home, our car and our pets.


Avery and her siblings have to keep adjusting and they do it so gracefully. Thank you for considering us.

Avery Needs Your Support Today!

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