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Meet Mia!

4 years old

Diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18)

Mia Needs Your Support Today!

Mia was born weighing 3 lbs., 4oz with a heart defect that needed repair. She was diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome/Trisomy 18 at 3 days old, had her first heart surgery at 2 weeks old and her second at 4 months. She has other diagnoses including epilepsy, pancreatic insufficiency, hypotonia, and hearing loss. She wears glasses and has a G-tube, yet despite all of this, she loves life and is thriving. She has a little sister who she adores. She loves adventures, being outside, and doing anything with her family. She loves to go on rides, especially anything fast, and is a thrill-seeker. She loves to swim and bike and go camping.

Mia has had 6 surgeries. She is in countless therapies to help her live her best life including PT, OT, speech, and hippotherapy. She speaks using an eye gaze device.

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