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Meet Jaxon!

10 years old

Diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease and Tracheobronchomalacia

Jaxon’s mother nominated him for an adaptive bike. She explains that complications with her pregnancy began early and that at 23 weeks she was admitted to the hospital. Jaxon was born at 24 weeks, weighing 1lb., 15oz. He was rushed to the NICU, where he was intubated and put on oxygen and a ventilator. At three days old he underwent surgery for a bowel blockage: it was the first of nine operations he would need.

Jaxon faced numerous obstacles. When he coded his family watched and prayed as he was resuscitated. He received a tracheostomy but continued to code, showing no improvement despite extreme interventions. He continued to code, was sedated and paralyzed numerous times, and around the time he was two, his parents were told it was time to think about letting him go — that he would never leave the hospital and he would have no quality of life.

Jaxon’s parents continued to fight for him. They looked for second opinions and got in touch with a doctor at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who gave them a specific plan. Though many doctors refused to implement it, they found a doctor who would: Jaxon was again paralyzed and sedated twice, both times for a little over a month. While sedated and paralyzed he was weaned from his ventilator settings and transitioned to a home vent. After three long years in the hospital, Jaxon went home for the first time. That was seven years ago.

Jaxon continues to face many obstacles but continues to defy the odds and persevere. He has met many milestones that doctors said he would never meet. He eats baby food by mouth and he walks. He does not require oxygen.

His family has faced some financial hardships that have made it hard for them to provide for all that Jaxon needs. An adaptive bike will provide him with the ability to be outside. He currently becomes short of breath when walking short distances, but an adaptive bike will give him a new experience and allow him to ride alongside his sister. It will also help with his range of motion and coordination.

Jaxon Needs Your Support Today!

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