Meet Liam

As new parents we always wondered what each stage of our child’s life would look like, when would he talk, walk, drink from a cup, ride a bicycle…it was only after Liam’s diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy that we stopped questioning WHEN and started asking IF. We are blessed that, despite a few hiccups, Liam’s life doesn’t look too different from any other 4 year-old. Liam is sometimes hindered by his  weaker left side – some milestones have come later than average and some

have come with extra work but THEY ALL HAVE COME. As his parents, we have made a resolution not to let anything stop Liam from his grand hopes and dreams, well, as grand as dreams can be for a preschooler. 

Liam is what most people call a “rough and tumble boy.” He’d rather run than walk, he’d rather jump than step, he’d rather crash than slow down and right now keeping up with his brother is his number one goal in life. This spring Liam received his first “big boy” bicycle. After a few months of trying Liam was physically unable to pedal his bicycle. As much as we wanted him to pedal, he wanted it 100 times more. Liam saw his older brother whizzing around, racing all his friends, and he wanted to be part of the fun. Unfortunately, with all the wishing, wanting, hoping, and practice his left leg and foot would not cooperate. This would be another one of life’s milestones that would take Liam more time.

In June Liam and his mom attended the Abilities Expo and found a booth with an adaptive bike. Liam was given the opportunity to ride the bike and, his mom will admit, she thought she would have to push him around. Boy was she wrong! As soon as they strapped his feet to the pedals, zoom, he was off. She had to chase him around the convention center to make sure he wasn’t running into people and booths. He was thrilled, he was fast, he was free from the limitation CP had put upon him, and most important he was happy. Well, he was happy until we had to leave without his “new bike.”  

We were wrong, Liam IS able to ride instead of being pulled in a trailer, he IS able to race his brother and he IS able to meet this milestone, all with an adaptive bike.  

Liam is our family jokester, he loves unconditionally, he is determined, he thinks he’s a superhero, he is healed by kisses, and he will one day conquer the world. But at this moment, he has the opportunity to be the fastest bicycle rider on the block.

This is Liam! Please join us for a moment in "our reality" to appreciate what an awesome chance an adaptive bike would be for him. Thank you for the opportunity to enter in this contest and for a chance to make Liam’s dream come true.

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