Meet Dallas

The thing about micro-premies is that they have a little bit more fight than the average person.  

Dallas was born at 2.9 lbs and this little girl turned my world around. I watched this tiny baby go through so much suffering at her 106 day NICU stay. 

It seemed like every major organ was failing her. Her brain, her heart, her lungs. There were numerous surgeries and several times where I wasn’t sure if she would survive. But she did. She wrapped her tiny fingers around my hands so tight and fought! She showed more courage then anyone I know, and still does to this day.  

Dallas was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at two years old, due to the massive brain bleed she had when she was born. She has hydrocephalus and hip dysplasia as well, and the simple day to day tasks are a real challenge for her.  

Although Dallas requires a lot of physical assistance, she is your typical 4 year old cognitively. Dallas is not someone you can forget easily when you meet her. It's not because she is the cute little girl with glasses that drives a 300 lb electric wheelchair like a tank and will knock anything or anyone over in her path. Its because she loves to compliment you. She wants you to know she likes your shirt, or the earrings your wearing. She says you have nice shoes or that your hair looks pretty.  

I want to make Dallas smile.  

She doesn’t get to really play with the kids at the playground. She can’t go down the slide by herself and scream for joy when she lands on her feet.  

When her sisters are riding their bikes she will chase them around on her wheelchair. One of the most essential childhood memories is learning to ride a bike. For once, I’d love to give Dallas the opportunity to be a participant instead of being a bystander. 

Dallas needs an adaptive bike. One that will support her legs that don’t always do what she wants or needs them to do. 

Project Mobility can give that to her with your help! 

This wouldn’t be just a bike for her to have fun on. It will be therapy without her even knowing it. Perhaps it will be the gateway to learning how to walk with her peers. Moving her legs and hips in ways she doesn’t get. 

Dallas needs this bike and with everyones help my sweet courageous Dallas will be able to pedal with her friends and sisters, and enjoy one of our most classic childhood moments like everyone else.

Donate today to help Dallas and all the kids, if you can't donate please share. All it takes is one dollar, if everyone that voted in the contest donated just one dollar it would go a long way to help Dallas and all the kids! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Dallas and her family. 

Please share this campaign on your social media, help spread the word. 

Thank you, Katrina

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